Laughter and Libations, 2018

There is nothing like bawdy, irreverent, and satirical drinking songs to put you in the holiday spirit.  This year’s edition of Laughter and Libations includes more songs and new recipes for favorite winter drinks.  Those interested in trying their hand at culinary delights will also find two alcohol infused recipes for “Figgy Pudding” which are sure to be crowd pleasers.

In addition to the new recipes, revilers will find three categories of songs:
1. Traditional Treasures, which traces holiday songs back to their less than pious origins.
2. Simple Substitutions, which exchanges words such as solstice, yuletide, etc for Christian inspired words.
3. Ridiculous Rewrites, which alters originally pious hymns in order to appeal to our most base and carnal instincts.

Laughter and Libations can be downloaded here: Laughter and Libations 2018

Drink and be merry!

Is your favorite song missing from the list?  Have I neglected to include your favorite Yuletide drink?  Let me know in the comments and maybe it’ll show up in next year’s edition.

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