Who Swiped the Dishrags?

My article “Who Swiped the Dishrags?” appears in the November issue of IDAHO Magazine and talks about many of the wonderful surprises my neighbors have gifted me with over the years.  IDAHO Magazine can be purchased at BookPeople of Moscow.  Also, copies are available for check out from the Potlatch Public Library and the Moscow City Library.  If you somehow missed out getting a copy at any of those locations, you can always buy a copy online directly from the publisher at:


If you enjoyed this story you might also enjoy “Zucchini Bandits.”  Zucchini Bandits is a story of a Grandfather/Granddaughter duo who get up to some zucchini related mischief and mayhem.  The story won a Judges Choice Award in the 2018 IDAHO Magazine fiction contest.  You can read it for free here.

Subscribers should keep checking their emails, as I have two other articles scheduled for publication this month.  An article featuring some fantastic local authors is scheduled to appear in the Thanksgiving edition of the Inland 360 and another about establishing author websites is set for publication with GoDaddy next week.  Also, Potlatch history enthusiast will be pleased to know that my article on the history of Camp Grizzly from 1856 to 1907 is expected to be published in the Latah Legacy in December.

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