Shamrock Prosperity Spell

I’m in the process of removing an enormous shrub in my backyard and planting a fairy garden in its place. Quite a bit of thought has gone into deciding which plants to include and how they should be arranged. Shamrock was one of the plants I settled on.

All clover varieties are sacred to fairies. The shamrock especially so for leprechauns, those lusty, capricious little fellows whose magic might delight you one day and kill you the next. And you needn’t search for a four-leafed clover in order to be blessed. The distinctive tri-leaved pattern of common clovers is sacred to the Celtic triple goddess Brigid. (That’s Saint Brigid for the Catholic folks among us.)

As part of the clover family, shamrock is thought to be a harbinger of good luck. In folklore, clover foliage is used in weather predictions. Tightly closed leaves are a sign of impending rain. Magically, the plant is commonly used in prosperity spells. Red clover can also be used to promote love, a healthy dose of lust, and to heal a wounded heart after a break-up. Planting white clover at the corners of your home is said to ward off ghosts and counteract hexes.

People have long come to witches seeking love charms, money charms, or to hex their neighbors. I’m not one to inspire malice, obsession, or greed, so typically leave such charms alone. But, we’re in the midst of a pandemic and the entire economy seems to be down in its luck, so a shamrock inspired prosperity spell is in order.

To complete this spell you need:

  • A green candle, preferably pine scented
  • Pine needles
  • A golden coin (such as a Sacajawea or Presidential dollar coin) OR a chunk of iron pyrite
  • A live shamrock plant

Arrange the items on your altar and light the candle. Then recite:

Hail fairies, come on over,
I’ve brought gold, pine, and clover.
Gold and shamrock to the leprechaun I willingly give,
In the presence of fairies, enchanted we live.
This candle burns and the wheel turns.
As I give, prosperity returns.

Afterwards, bury the coin and pine needles in your garden and plant the shamrock on top of them. For best results perform this charm outside at sunrise or sunset when the moon is waxing.




2 thoughts on “Shamrock Prosperity Spell

  1. So how lucky is a four leaf shamrock? Because I found one… and it is not a rounded clover… it is a four leaf shamrock

    • It depends on whose favor you seek. Leprechauns seem to favor the rarer four-leafed varieties, but they are unpredictable. If you seek good luck, rather than ill, offer them a libation and wait to see what unfolds.

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