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Wright, Khaliela S.  “Viola: Here, Gone, and Coming Back.”  IDAHO Magazine.  March 2023.

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Wright, Khaliela S. (2019, April 25). Indie authors offer their latest works. Inland 360.

Wright, Khaliela S. (2019, January 17).  Striving for peace: Author explores King/Kennedy legacy. Inland 360.

Wright, Khaliela S. (2018, November 18).  Indies First Day celebrates local bookstores, authors.  Inland 360.

Wright, Khaliela S. (2018, November 13).  12 things every author website needs. GoDaddy Garage Blog.

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  • “Viola: Here, Gone, and Coming Back.” March 2023.
  • “Lake of Spirits: Payback in a New Novel.” December 2021.
  • “Strom Blind: A Walking Metaphor.”  December 2020.
  • “Grizzly Ghosts: Tales of the HooDoos.”  April 2020.
  • “Who Swiped the Dishrags? And Who Left the Vegetables.”  November 2018.
  • “All Over Again: This Time with a Little Help.”  May 2018.
  • “Feral Cat Fiasco: Lovable Until They’re Not.”  January 2018.
  • “A Flair for Solar Cooking, And Distrust of the “Hippy” Method.”  August 2017.
  • “The Ravages of March: A Far-Flung Family Struck by Floods.”  May 2017.
  • “No Janitor, No Lunch; But Loads of Attention in Idaho’s One-Room Schools.”  December 2016.
  • “Elk-River Spotlight: At the End of the Road.”  October 2016.
  • “Reverse Burglars: Don’t Leave Home without Them.”  August 2016.
  • “Harvard Spotlight: Smack Dab in the Middle of Nowhere.”  September 2015.
  • “School’s Out Forever: The End of a Tradition.”  May 2015.
  • “The Cost of Charity: No Money, No Woodshed.”  March 2015.
  • “On the Trail of Sasquatch: What Was That Thing in the Woods?”  September 2014.
  • “Know Thy Neighbor: What Happens When the Gate is Closed.”  July 2014.

Scholarly Publications

Wright, Khaliela S.   “History of the Camp Grizzly Area, 1900 to 1942.”  Latah Legacy, Vol. 46 No. 1.  December 2019.

Wright, Khaliela S.   “History of the Camp Grizzly Area, 1859 to 1907.”  Latah Legacy, Vol. 45 No. 1.  December 2018.

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