Lake of Spirits: Payback in a New Novel

I recently completed a book review of Stuart Scott’s novel, Spirit Lake Payback for the December 2021 issue of IDAHO Magazine. The article is more than just a book review. It also contains some juicy tidbits on the history of Spirit Lake, Idaho. Both Scott’s novel and the current edition of IDAHO magazine are available from BookPeople of Moscow.

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Spirit Lake Payback

Spirit Lake Payback
A novel by Stuart Scott
List Price: $ 14.95

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This book is a great read for lovers of local history and opens with a series of newspaper articles, only one of which is true:

  • Residents Rush to Plug Leaky Lake.” Spokesman Review. June 6, 1995.
  • “Spirit Lake Sink Hole Collapses to Reveal Skeletal Remains.” June 10, 1995.
  • “Spirit Lake Sink Hole Linked to Mob Body Dump.” June 30, 1995.

However, the haunted lake has offered up its share of bodies over the years. Stuart Scott’s choice of setting, as well as the way he artfully entwines well-known historical events into the plot and character arcs made the story so believable that I actually searched for the fictionalized newspaper articles. This is a must read for anyone who remembers Richard Butler’s reign of terror and legacy of hate.

About the Author:

Stuart Scott and his wife, Sue, moved to Moscow, Idaho for his job with the Federal Probation and Parole Service in October 1980. He founded the Camas Prairie Winery in the fall of 1983 and ran the winery until he sold it in 2011. Stu retired from the federal service in September 1998. After retiring, he still worked part-time as a Protective Services Agent and body-guard until September 11, 2011. Much of his writing has been influenced by his work in federal law enforcement.

For those interested in reading more from Stuart Scott, check out Gritty, Grisly, Greedy: Stories Inspired by True Crooks and Crimes from My 28 Years as a Fed. It includes tales from around the region, including other events that happened here in Idaho.

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