Donation Hacks for 2024

Lots of people want to give but struggle to find the cash in their budgets. Worse, many non-profits insist on making their annual pleas during the holiday season when everyone is already strapped for cash. But how is anyone supposed to come up with an extra $100 for their favorite charity when they’re trying to figure out how to afford Thanksgiving dinner or presents for their kids? That’s why I advocate making smaller donations throughout the year.

A donation of just $8 a month works out to almost $100 a year. But can $8 a month make a difference? Yes, it can!

Below are some often overlooked dollar store donation hacks that really make a difference in the lives of others. Continue reading

The Terrible Truth behind Free Books

Write a book, get published, make millions, right? Wrong.

I’m not sure what bothers me more about this misconception: the would-be authors who think a book deal is the key to financial success and easy living or the countless readers who operate under the delusion that authors are so well off that they ought to give their books away, for free.

Authors Earn Less than Minimum Wage

The Bureau of Labor Statistics list average annual income for writers and authors as $63,200. What many writers and readers fail to realize is, this average includes the salaries of corporate writers who are responsible for crafting the limitations for your insurance and warrantees, the microscopic legalese that’s included with the terms and conditions of your credit card, and the impossible to follow instructions included with every “assembly required” item you’ve ever purchased. Actual author income is much, much less. Continue reading

An Econ Lecture for the Curious

I created this lecture for my micro class this quarter because I have an out-of-town conference later this month. I apologize in advance for the sniffling. (It’s January and I have a cold.)

Many Americans have trouble seeing from another person’s perspective. Even more hear something and think, “Oh yeah, that’s right,” without considering all of the implications of what their elected officials are promoting. The point of this lecture is to examine one topic from multiple viewpoints.

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