Summer Cleansing w/Taranis

The month of July is often referred to as the month of the Thunder Moon. Celts venerated all natural phenomena, so it’s not surprising that they had a thunder god. Taranis, whose name literally means thunderer, is that god.

While there are only seven inscriptions specifically to Taranis, they are spread across a surprisingly large area, including: Britian, France, Germany, and Yugoslavia. However, there are plenty of monuments dedicated to a sky deity scattered throughout Gaul that depict both the sun-wheel and thunderbolts. Taken together, this indicates that Taranis’s cult was both widespread and well known.

Given the sun-wheel and thunderbolt’s repeated linkages, and owing to Taranis’s later conflation with Jupiter, it’s possible that he had power over all celestial activities, including snow, wind, and rain. This time of year, summer storms blow in, lighting up the heavens and showering us with rain. In agricultural areas and places suffering from wildfires, these storms often have a cleansing effect, knocking smoke and dust from the sky. If you, like the smoky skies, could use a little cleansing and clarity, call on Taranis.

Spiritual cleansing is the practice of removing negative energy and blockages from your body, mind, and soul, with the goal of promoting positive energy in your life. This can be achieved through smudging, meditation, and visualizations.

The times of power are sunrise and sunset. As an early riser, I prefer taking time for meditation and contemplation at dawn. Night owls can feel free to work the ritual at dusk and since we are calling on Taranis, completing the ritual mid-storm is also appropriate. In fact, as a weather deity, anytime is appropriate because we are always experiencing some type of weather.

What you need:

  • Yellow Candle—Yellow enhances mental power, intelligence, clarity of thinking, and self-assurance.
  • Sunflower Bouquet—Sunflowers have an obvious association with the sun since their bright faces turn to track its movement across the sky. According to folklore, the sunflower will tell you the truth in any matter. In the language of flowers, it symbolizes lofty, but pure goals.
  • Blue Aventurine and/or Asterite Serpentine—Like Taranis, blue aventurine combines the elements of wind and water. This is a stone of self-discipline that resonates from both the heart and mind to restore rationally and making decisions clear. Asterite Serpentine deepens our connection with the divine and the primal forces present in all of us. It motivates us to become our authentic selves by releasing negative perceptions and replacing them with a positive self-image.
  • Rosemary—This is a must have herd for chefs, gardeners, and witches. In addition to its medicinal and culinary properties, rosemary dispels negative energy. Burning rosemary during a ritual adds a powerful cleansing effect.
  • Fireproof Container—A votive candle holder or similar item will work well.
  • Dandelion head gone to seed—This hardly little plant has the power to make unselfish wishes come true.
  • Marigold Buns (recipe follows)
  • Beverage—For a morning ritual, you may prefer tea or coffee. For an evening ritual consider reaching for a hard cider or ice-cold lemonade.

Marigold Buns

This kid-friendly recipe can also be used for Lughnasad. These little treats can be eaten alone, served with butter and honey, or your favorite jam.


  • 2 c Bisquick
  • 2/3 c milk
  • 1 tlbs marigold petals
  • 1 tsp dried rosemary
  • ¼ c golden raisins

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.

Combine Bisquick and milk. When soft dough forms, turn onto a flowered surface and knead in remaining ingredients. Dust with additional Bisquick/flour as necessary to keep dough from sticking to rolling pin. Roll out dough until it’s 1/2” thick, then cut biscuits and transfer to a well-greased baking pan.

Bake in center of oven for 10-15 min.
Makes 6 biscuits.


I recommend cleansing yourself before attempting to cleans your soul, so a bath or shower beforehand is helpful. Don’t rush–just soak and relax. Afterward, set-up your altar to Taranis outdoors or near an open window so you can catch a breeze.

Light the candle and say:

Taranis, I ask for calm and serenity for all,
Both withing and without my home and hall.

Using the candle to light the rosemary, then say:

Cleans my soul so I can see the beauty of each waking day,
And grant me peace, come what may.

Raise the biscuits and ask for Taranis’s blessing:

Taranis, Lord of Summer Storms,
River and sky, forest and field are yours.
Bless the crops that feed us well,
And bless me, so on worries I will not dwell.

Finally offer your thanks:

Thunderer, bringer of rain and sun,
Thanks you, it will be done.
I honor you and with blessings be,
A toast to thee!

Blow the dandelion seeds to the wind. Close your eyes an imaging that each seedhead is bearing one of your worries away. Then enjoy your simple feast. Allow candle and rosemary to burn out in a safe place. Give yourself bonus points for standing in the rain and letting a storm wash anxieties from your mind and body, heart and soul.

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