Book Review: Kitchen Witchery

The Book of Kitchen Witchery: Spells, recipes, and rituals for magical meals, an enchanted garden, and a happy home.

By Cerridwen Greenleaf

List Price $19.95

I give this book 5/5 stars only because it is not possible to award it an entire constellation.

Delightful Workbook for Magical Women

This book kept me from languishing! While nearly everyone was bemoaning being locked-up, locked-down, and social distanced, I explored the magical world that was my own kitchen. The spells, rituals, and informational asides kept me entertained through much of the pandemic, nurturing both body and soul.

The bulk of the book is divided into eight chapters, with room for journaling at the end. Each chapter contains spells, rituals, recipes, and useful magical information you can tuck away in your book of shadows. The chapters are:

  • The Kitchen Altar
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Succulent Spells for Magical Meals
  • Brewing up Blessings
  • Kitchen Cupboard Cures
  • The Kitchen Witch’s Garden
  • Cooking up Lots of Love
  • Celebrating the Wheel of the Year

It was delightful to have so many options at hand for curing ailments, boosting magical power, and creating rituals for celebrating the sabbats alone. The chapters on gardening and cooking were fantastic. I strongly recommend treating this book like a college text book: underline passages, highlight items of importance, write in the margins. Don’t be afraid to change up the spells to meet your specific needs or to dedicate a ritual to your favorite god or goddess. This book works best when you add your own intentions to it.

My only complaint is that the book is not organized by season. I constantly found myself flipping back and forth between chapters, selecting spells, rituals, brews, and tonics that incorporated herbs and plants as they came in season. For example, the Midsummer’s Day Dream Tea Cooler recipe is on page 59, but the recipe for Summer Solstice Pudding is on page 129. Having information clustered by season would have made the book more user friendly.

Images from some of my own Kitchen Witchery.

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