It’s Springtime on the Palouse, 2017

I was available to photograph the Palouse River as it crested this morning at just over 17 feet.  The pictures are below.



I’ve Been Offered a Book Contract

Exciting news!  A publisher has offered me a contract for the trilogy.  I wanted to wait to share the news until after it was signed and I had a publication date, but the person I’m working with had a family emergency.  His mother has been hospitalized, so he’s taking time off to care for her.  Also, many of the authors I’ve contacted say it can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to work through negotiations.  I don’t think I could keep quiet that long.

I’ll be sure to post an update as soon as the details are worked out and all responsible parties have signed.  Here’s to hoping everything works out.

Imbolg Blessings 2017

This Imbolg is special to me.  Not only does it fall on Groundhogs Day, but it marks the one-year anniversary of my blog.  For those who love the snow, bask in the knowledge that you still have six more weeks to be outside playing in the white stuff.  And if you’re struggling with cabin fever, take heart, spring is only six weeks away!

An Econ Lecture for the Curious

I created this lecture for my micro class this quarter because I have an out-of-town conference later this month.  I apologize in advance for the sniffling.  (It’s January and I have a cold.)  Many Americans have trouble seeing from another person’s perspective.  Even more hear something and think, “Oh yeah, that’s right,” without considering all of the implications of what their elected officials are promoting.  The point of this lecture is to examine one topic from multiple viewpoints.

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Coffee Hour: “Freelance Writing Today” with Steve Bunk.

Coffee Hour:
“Freelance Writing Today” with Steve Bunk

Are you interested in freelance writing?  This workshop by Steve Bunk will cover marketplace opportunities and challenges, along with technologies and strategies for contemporary writers, including how to submit work to magazines.

Steve Bunk is a Boise journalist who edits Idaho Magazine. Previously, he wrote about biological research for The Scientist, and before that was based in Australia, where he filed magazine and newspaper reports from throughout that country and Southeast Asia for fifteen years. He also has worked in corporate communications in Boise and as a writer and editor in Athens, Greece. His nonfiction account, Goliath Staggered: How the People of Highway 12 Conquered Big Oil, was published in 2014 by New West Books.

Date: Saturday, April 29th
Location: 1912 Center in Moscow, Idaho.

Doors open at 9:30 AM and program will begin at 10 AM.  Coffee will be served.  Attendance is limited to the first 40 participants.  For questions or to register, email Khaliela Wright at or visit our Meet-up website:

Partial funding for this program was provided by a grant from the Latah County Arts Committee.

This event is sponsored by the Palouse Writers’ Guild.
*The Palouse Writers’ Guild does not discriminate based on race/ethnicity/national origin, religion, gender identity/sexual orientation, disability, age, marital/family/parental status, or political beliefs.


Yuletide Greetings

‘Tis the season to make an ass of yourself.  There is nothing like proclaiming the love of Jesus that brings out the downright-nasty-not-niceness in Christians each December.

Spiteful memes show up in Facebook feeds stating, “It’s Merry Christmas, say the fucking words, damn it!” “Stop the War on Christmas,” “Put Christ back in Christmas!” and my personal favorite, “When someone wishes you ‘Happy Holidays’ remind them that ‘Holidays’ are HOLY DAYS!”  The problem with the holy days proclaimers, and the majority of Christians, is that they fail to realize there is more than one holiday in December and most of them pre-date Christianity.

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The President Elect

To entertain myself, and occasionally my children, I create political cartoons.  My latest creation ran in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News on November 21, 2016.  The cartoon was also offered to the Spokesman Review for the Huckleberries Online Blog, a site which has previously published my work.  Unfortunately, they declined this one, stating, “I don’t like the word “racist” used on my blog to label anyone unless someone is a card-carrying, Richard butler-type racist — dfo.”  C’est la vie.


Blessed Samhain


This year the midpoint between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice happens on November 6th.  It’s time to give thanks for the harvest and the hunt.  As the earth slowly dies back and year draws to a close, take time to remember loved ones who have passed and know that we will soon be greeted with new blessings in our lives.