Camp Grizzly History

My article, “History of the Camp Grizzly Area, 1900 to 1942” appears in the December 2019 edition of the Latah Legacy.

Did you know that before Camp Grizzly was a Boy Scout camp it was used by the Camp Fire Girls? 

And before that it was the site of a mining camp? 

And, despite the rumors you may have heard, it was not a logging camp?  Even though the property was owned by Potlatch Lumber Company for many years, managers William Deary and Allison Laird refused to log the property owing to its natural beauty.

Hard copies of this issue can be purchased for $5 from the Latah County Historical Society, in Moscow, Idaho.  Online versions of both of Camp Grizzly articles are accessible below:

My next local history project is an article on the ghost stories of Camp Grizzly. It covers many of the spine-chilling stories handed down by generations of Boy Scouts, as well as some of the more gritty, gristle, and grizzly true stories that surround the camp.  Readers should be prepared for disappearances, Sasquatch sightings, and the usual murder, mystery, and mayhem.  My goal is to have this article ready for summer 2020; just in time for camp!

Camp Fire Girls, circa 1918.  Photo courtesy of Latah County Historical Society.

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