I’ve Been Offered a Book Contract

Exciting news!  A publisher has offered me a contract for the trilogy.  I wanted to wait to share the news until after it was signed and I had a publication date, but the person I’m working with had a family emergency.  His mother has been hospitalized, so he’s taking time off to care for her.  Also, many of the authors I’ve contacted say it can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to work through negotiations.  I don’t think I could keep quiet that long.

I’ll be sure to post an update as soon as the details are worked out and all responsible parties have signed.  Here’s to hoping everything works out.

Book Review: The Book Of Polly

The Book of Polly, a novel by Kathy Hepinstall.
Set for release March 14, 2017; $26.00 US ($35.00 CAN)

After unwrapping the plain brown packaging, I looked with trepidation at the cover of the next book in my Blind Date with a Book series.  A blurry image of a perfectly appointed southern woman holding a garden trowel and sporting a falcon on her shoulder stared up at me.  I’d been burned on blind dates before and feared I was in for another scorching.  Figuring I may as well get on with it, I opened the book to page one and began to read.

By page seven I was hooked, laughing so hard that tears came to my eyes, eager for more.  As the book progressed I was introduced to hazards of Havens family, their personal shortcomings, and neighborhood feuds.

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Book Review: Blood in the Snow

The Guardian: Blood in the Snow, a novel by MJ Kobernus.
$14.99 Paperback.

Blood in the Snow is the second book in the Guardian series and was a fast paced read that kept me engaged and eager for more.

Philip Entwhistle is desperately attempting to settle back into his comfortable and boring life as a university history professor.  Unfortunately, all hopes for a quiet English life are shattered when his girlfriend leaves him and he is forced to flee the country to avoid being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

Arriving in Norway, Philip is determined to stay one step ahead of the detectives eager to arrest on suspicion of arson and murder, and win back his girlfriend’s affections.  In the process he uncovers an ancient mystery hidden in a Viking Age burial located on his girlfriend’s family farm, which has left her father cursed.  The only clues to saving him are scribbles in margins of a little studied saga.

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