The Writing Process

I’m often asked when my novel will be published, or why it isn’t published yet.  Many people don’t realize that the writing process is a lot more involved than simply sitting at a keyboard and writing.

Before deciding which publishing options to pursue or beginning to search for editors or agents, a writer must first have a high quality product to offer.  Many writers overlook the importance of the writing process in their eagerness to get published.  Not adhering to the process actually kills a writers chances because, without it, they are unable to produce a salable manuscript.

The writing process involves four phases: prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.  Following these steps will help, but experienced writers know that problems which arise during drafting, revising, or editing, can send them all the way back to step one, where they must develop and expand an idea.  As my NaNoWriMo ML is quick to remind me, “You will enjoy the process, God damn it!”

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