Laughter and Libations, 2017

It’s that time of year again.  Beaten down by rampant consumerism, we’re all left wondering how to balance work and pleasure.  Laughter and Libations is a survival guide of sorts, helping people to drink and be merry during a season over-powered with puritanical messages.  This year’s edition includes recipes for favorite winter drinks along with three categories of songs: Traditional Treasures, Simple Substitutions, and Ridiculous Rewrites.  Traditional Treasures can be traced back to a less than pious origin whereas Ridiculous Rewrites takes an originally pious hymn and alters it to appeal to our most base and carnal instincts.

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Bunny Love

One of the joys of photographing pets is you never know what they’re going to do for the camera.  Enjoy these pictures of bygone spring-time frolics, because there is nothing more amusing on a cold and windy day, than a little lesbian-bunny-love.

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(Yep, they’re all girls.  But, when has that ever mattered when taken with the urge to breed like, well, rabbits!)