Book Review: Blood in the Sand

SandBlood in the Sand was a gripping read from beginning to end.

Philip Entwistle doesn’t believe in God and he certainly doesn’t believe in witches. But all that changes when the mild mannered history professor goes up for promotion and needs a Hail Mary to advance his career. Finding himself at the center of a trumped up sexual assault charge that nearly cost him his job, deliverance comes in the form of the occult as he researches the life of the famed English explorer, Sir Francis.

The book is full of delightful surprises, starting with the poem in the table of contents. Easy to read prose speaks to the heart of our humanity. Never shying away from difficult questions, the author takes the reader on a journey through time as Sir Francis’s experiences cause Philip to question his own doubts about religion, “After all, I am just a crazy man in the desert, hearing voices. Isn’t that how religions start?”  And then moves on to confront the stigmas of interracial marriages, “He has gone native, they will say and sneer. And I have. Gladly, with all my heart.”

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Wild At Heart Receives Honors

Idaho Award

My story “Wild at Heart” won the Judge’s Choice Award in the IDAHO Magazine fiction contest. It’s just a short story and it’s written in three languages. I didn’t figure it would go anywhere, let alone get an award. You’d think that would be cause for celebration, but you’d be wrong.

Americans are hateful and spiteful, and I’m tired of that vitriol being spewed my direction. It’s why I wrote “Wild at Heart.” Authors usually avoid autobiographical characters, but I figured, why not?

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So my story, is really an essay that could just as easily be titled, “A Day in the Life of Khaliela.” The only differences being, I work for the Census Bureau, not the Department of the Interior and I want demographic information, not water samples. Unfortunately, the people I meet are the same. I’ve been shot at while working in the field and I get death threats on occasion. The frustrating part of being a federal employee is, you are the target for the nation’s anger. In Idaho, a good many people cannot tolerate anyone who is different from themselves. When that anger is unleashed, it gets directed at me simply because I’m the one standing in front of them at the time.